But Jonah


What a great day yesterday was. I flew back to Bethel, Maine for work purposes to fix a grounded R44 customer with a starting issue. My boss went with me and we in some sorts, went to the mission field of Bethel. The bulk of our flights in the last year have been to Bethel (Pleasant Valley) to minister and witness there along with assisting a church. It was a beautiful flights alongside the Mount Washington Valley.

Today after work a team of us will be heading a hour north (driving) to South Paris Baptist Church to share the ministry and preach at their youth group. I am thoroughly looking forward to this time in the Word and Fellowship. I will be speaking out of Jonah 1:1-3 and looking at how the phrase “But Jonah” is crucial to Jonah’s calling. I believe that all children of God are called to do something and that we must seek the Lord diligently and daily to do just that. But Jonah, tried to leave the presence of the omnipresent God, which is impossible. I look forward to sharing my testimony, a few illustrations and discuss that God knows our names and that He has a purpose for us all in this lifetime.

I will be wrapping up my first term classes next week with final exams. Please be in prayer for those.

Today is actually the first morning in three weeks I have felt well enough to get up at 4:30AM to spend a sufficient amount of time in the Word and Prayer. As I type this blog posting, I am looking at three full sheets of paper filled with all our church members, kids names from places we have flown to and ministered, and folks in need health wise and physically. It is important to have this time with the Lord.

I pray we all live today with purpose. Have a blessed day.


Alec S. Kindred

Alec Kindred