We are currently enjoying some thunderstorms as the boys are sleeping and I am catching up on some study time.

This week we are on a family vacation, although staying local, we are devoting our time to each-other within our family. This weekend I relocated N12ER to PWM for the avionics ADSB install, then drove to Bar Harbor to one of our maintenance apprentice’s high school graduation. It was an honor to be in attendance, as he now sets his eyes on Letarneau University in Longview, Texas. We got home around 12:45 A.M. but it was well worth it. We even enjoyed a walk around the harbor and Acadia National Park.

Today was a wonderful Sunday, and we wrap it up in 1 Peter 5. What a wonderful encouragement epistle to Resist the Devil and stand-fast in the faith.

I will post again after our vacation. Thank you for the continued support and encouragement.



Alec Kindred