Fresh cut grass

Good evening,

As I sit here about to study the Epistles and do a passage study on 1 Timothy 1:1-13 for an assignment, I can’t but help enjoy the smell of a fresh cut lawn. The garden is growing, flowers are blooming, and the boys are running around freely.

This weekend was a special one in the books. Saturday morning I went to the Logan airport in Boston, MA and picked up Matheus who is our summer intern. As seen on our facebook page, He will be involved with an 10 week private pilot ground school (141), local church ministry, and outreach flights with me. I urge you to get to know him if you can. He is an incredible blessing to our family and had been all week.

Saturday night, while Theu caught up on some sleep, our church celebrated one of our board member’s 40th wedding anniversary party and boy did we have fun. We are thankful for this incredible couple’s testimony and involvement in the local and regional church. Sunday as usual was very busy with services and fellowship. Last night we had a graduation celebration for the grads in our youth group and of course partook in the ice cream social.

We were also advised that a church took us on for monthly financial support. Most importantly I am thrilled about the partnerships we make with local churches in New England as we all strive together for the faith of the Gospel. This is the first church that has taken us on a monthly basis. We are thankful. This will certainly help us continue propelling.

N12ER will be back to the airfield by the end of the week! Praise the Lord. It now has ADSB out, IFR certs, new pitot static lines, fresh annual and ready to fly!

I pray for many of you often, sometimes daily and I know do also for us, lets continue that communication with the Father.

Have a blessed evening.

Alec S. Kindred

Alec Kindred