"Do you know Jesus?"

Good afternoon,

We are enjoying a a day full of worship, rest, and thunderstorms as multiple convective systems make their way across the state.

What a wonderful week last week was as well as this weekend. Sometimes it is easy to get focused on the daily tasks and business and have our eyes set on those things. God provided two great reminders this week to us.

1) Last weekend we were at the beach and my oldest son, Bennett, was playing alongside a random 12-14 year old boy in the sand. If you know Bennett personally, you know he is extremely shy so this was a huge step for Him. About 45 minutes into them laying and building a sandcastle, my wife, Bri, heard Bennett asking this young teen if he knew who Jesus is. My wife continued to listened and explained that the boy said no, so Bennett, simply put it this way; “Well, Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sin so that we may go to heaven and be with God.” The boy quickly and frankly stated, “Okay.” On our way home we asked Bennett why He felt the need to do that, and He explained it this way, “Well, Daddy, He didn’t know Jesus, and I do and I told Him, thats why I am here on earth.” A cute story, but a great reminder. Sharing the Gospel as you get older only gets harder, but at the same time, if a 3 1/2 year old can do, so can we. Our main mission here in Maine, not just me as an individual, but us as a family. Praising the Lord for this reminder and example.

2) I had an interesting interaction with a friend who is struggling in multiple areas in their life, and was able to relate to this person, as a friend I was able to point this person to Christ, share the Gospel, and give a Bible. This person actually came to me. Another friendly reminder from the Lord that this is the mission and He is still in it. At times I have noticed that I get so focused on my studies and the list of tasks for each day that i miss the point, “why”. This is the reason why I am here, where the Lord has placed me. Just last week I had 4 opportunities to hand out Bibles and share the Gospel Message.

On the front of the ministry we have done a ton of planning, preparation, and completed a board meeting this morning to discuss many things coming down the pike. So far 10 campers have signed up for our PTG mission aviation fly out weekend. We are able to take up to five more.

Next week N12ER will be in Presque Isle, Maine for Brigade Air flight camp. The plane will be giving introduction flights to give the campers a taste of aviation, with a focus on missions.

Tomorrow night is hangar Bible night, where the Ukraine team will present their aspect of the ministry and give us their vision for mission aviation in Ukraine to help and invest in the orphanage. We also will finish up some minor maintenance items on the warrior before N12ER begins it summer camp schedule.

Prayer requests:

  • Summer outreach mission flights

  • I will be preaching at multiple churches this summer and am beginning to plan the fall schedule as well.

  • I am quite burdensome for the islands in Casco bay, besides one island, none of them have a protestant church. One Island, Chebeague Island, has not had a solid Bible preaching church since the 18th century. I have potentially found a large enough field we may be able to land in if we got to know the community. This would be a 15 minute flight, versus a 45 minute drive to the Portland waterfront, then an hour and 45 minute ferry boat ride. Our family is planning a boat trip to the Island next weekend to begin praying over that community.

  • Through my time at South African Theological Seminar, I have felt a real and heavy calling to spread, proclaim, and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This burden is heavy on my heart. I am praying about the finance side of this. The current class of each class is $300. If I keep the trend I am on by taking two classes every 3-month term ($600), I will finish my Bachelor’s of theology degree in May 2022 where I would be properly equipped to possibly do full-time ministry. God has a plan and agenda, and I ultimately want to follow Him.

Acts 13:47 “For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.”

Alec Kindred