Pass it on.

Good morning on this lovely cool Monday morning. Boy oh boy we have much to update you on this morning.

First, I spent some time in Psalms 78 this morning in my “intro to youth and children ministry” class. There is a command within the beginning of this passage to properly share the wonders of the Lord, and the deliverance of God with the next generation, and that is one of our missions here at PTG. I urge you to study how God values children and our duty as christians to invest in their lives.

In the past month or so we have been actively preparing for aviation camps. This past week was IAM pilot camp where we loaned our aircraft, and spent three days in Appleton, Maine, where the campers flew out of a golf course, and got great flight instruction. We also did some maintenance training and it was wonderful. 3 out of the 4 campers were from our ministry and it was nice to see them flying, and getting proper training within their desired skills, so that one day they can use it all for the furtherance of the Gospel and the glory of God.

At IAM camp I was able to pass my biannual flight review which enables me to keep flying in the future. Through many emergency procedures, and scenario based situations, a pilot must proof he can make proper decisions and maneuvers. Yesterday before church I repositioned N12ER from PWM back to our airstrip and is safely back in the hangar.

Moving forward this week, I have a long list in front of me. Our summer internship is coming to a close and we are praying about what God has ahead for this partnership. We are thrilled to what God has in store for this young man. Theu finishes ground school this week and will preparing for the FAA written test over the next two weeks.

Our camp is less than two weeks away and with that, I have alot to do. Most plans are already in order, and we are just finishing many small final details.

As we approach the fall and winter, my preaching schedule increases as we go back around and visit some of the churches we have built relationship with. I am excited for this time of year to fellowship and rekindle those friendships as we all look to strive together here in Maine.

My classes are going great, I have learned a-lot, and without a doubt in my mind, the Lord has called me to preach His Word. The rest is up to God. I have found myself comfortable within my studies, where my study time on a daily basis is just a part of who Iam. I can’t imagine not studying at this point.

So today, this week, on paper… its a normal week at work. Within that, lets be light.

Blessings to you all,

Alec S. Kindred

Alec Kindred