Mission field expanding

Greeting on this fine chilly evening.

Much to update on you this evening but first, lets just stop and think about what an amazing God we serve, who has ultimate power and control of the changing seasons. Here in Maine we are beginning to see the signs of fall. What a blessing as we go into harvest season and a time of great thankfulness.

Acts 1:8 “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to ME in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

First off, since our camp not much has slowed down. I feel as if I have been busier now than before camp, which is just an indicator of God moving within our midst.

My classes are moving along just fine as we focus on the ministry of Jesus and youth ministry. I am finding it harder to wake up at 4am more than ever. Our family has also been carrying colds and sickness which slows my progress down a bit, as I care for them, and them for me. I am preparing my finals assessments for those classes as we approach the end of term 3 next month. In term 4 I will be attempting 3 classes which will be a challenge, but I think it will be worth it.

Josiah is currently starting the newsletter and boy oh boy am I excited about seeing all that God did this summer, on one page… is that possible? :)

In the past month the Lord has been working out many plans and details, and one of them involves Kisii, Kenya. Yes I know…Kenya?? Well I didn’t see it for a long time as emails and messages just kept trickling in. A small church in Kisii, Kenya was asking for help both biblically and supportively. Although our ministry does not financially support other ministries we did discuss what the church in Kisii, needed Biblically. Matieso, the Pastor there, explained their struggles, and the needs. One of the needs was Bible teaching. This is an area that I have personally grown to enjoy. Needless to say I felt led to do something to help, as Mateiso and I discussed we thought it would be best if I started out by teaching small devotionals once a week via videos. Their church does a lot with children and youth ministry so we thought it would be fitting if I ran with that idea. I will be taking what I’ve learned in my classes and relaying it to them. I found it a great way to practice what I have learned, while, Lord willing, it would be a blessing, encouragement and help to their church. Yesterday I sent the first devotional teaching (Psalms 78) and it was received well. Please pray for this partnership as we just seek to share the Word and be an encouragement. I’m not sure where the Lord is leading this aspect of our ministry, but its exciting.

One exciting thing I have to mention, is just how the Lord provides. After camp we paid up all of our bills that we collected during our camp weekend, like fuel, food, and supplies. It seemed to be endless as we were looking at the bills we had to pay, but the Lord provided. The Saturday night during camp I was doing some pondering if we had enough to pay for all the expenses of the camp. That night after all the staff and campers were in their rooms for the night, I ran home to grab some supplies for the breakfast the next morning. I quickly ran to the mailbox, as I was in a rush to get back to camp, and the Lord stopped me. In the mailbox was support for over $1100 fully covering the weekend from two different churches. WOW! Then just the other day we had one last bill to pay, and I was praying and asking the Lord if He would work it out that we could pay it quickly, but with only $200 in the account we were slightly shy. That day I got home from work, and there was an envelope in the mailbox. Another check, but this time one from a young man I met at an aviation camp two years ago, that I have not heard from since. He explained he felt led to give to our ministry so that the Gospel would continue forth and that the camp expenses would be covered. Now mind you, we made no announcement about being short. This young man, whom I prayed with two years ago about Gods will for His life, felt led to give. My oh my! Lets continue! God surely provides. I am true a believer of the fact that if God wants this ministry to continue He will provide the means. The only option for PTG to move forward is by the leading of the Heavenly Father.

Our plane is not flying as much this month after camp and most of our staff and volunteers are spending time with their families. In the next month we will be removing components of the brake system and installing new oring seals to prevent leaks in the future. This will not be an easy job, but we’d much rather do it now before its sub zero temperatures. This summer at times our brakes would get soft and we suspect that there is a small seal that is worn beyond limits that may be introducing air into the system.

As mentioned previously, this fall and winter I will be traveling a lot within New England preaching and sharing the ministry at churches. If your church seeks to have us come this year, please reach out soon as the schedule is going to fill up soon. So far I will be flying as far north as Houlton, Maine to as far south as Massachusetts, and thats all we have planned. At times, Gods plan is bigger than we imagine.

Also recently, we put together a new monthly support system where any individual can select to support PTG Missions on a monthly basis ranging from $10-$100 a month. Think about this, if 30 people signed up for support PTG at $10/Month our hangar rent would be covered. Please consider partnering with us. We thank the few individuals who have done this already. It is a huge burden lifted! You can sign up for the monthly subscription on the home page of our website. At the end of the year we will provide you will a tax exempt status receipt as we are an official 501(c)3 non profit organization.

This week Brother A.J. is flying multiple trips from Florida to Freeport, Bahamas with supplies for the people within a small church there. We are thankful for the opportunity A.J. has to help and minister to that area.

Coming up: Next year we will be attending Sun N Fun again, we will be ministering at CEF/Camp Good news, 3 aviation camps, multiple outreach opportunities… and possibly a second airplane?? More to come as the Lord leads. Put your seat belts on folks!

Wow…A lot going on when you stop and think about it. We give God all the praise and Glory as we propel forward with the Gospel in Hand!


Alec S. Kindred

Alec Kindred